Friday, December 08, 2006 


two weeks

the amount of notice i gave on monday

one afternoon

the amount of time they gave me to wrap things up and leave

nine hours

the amount of time i spent in the waiting room of parkland hospital on tuesday to get my broken hand treated

one year (minus a day or so)

the amount of time that had passed since papa died


the precise time of morning when shan is grateful to be alive and warm and cared for by family and friends.


i may be slow to type for now, but it is well with my soul this morning. and i can smile without being self-conscious: i got my teeth fixed. the last episode of bsg was fantastic. i'm going to cook something new on sunday. the cats are using their catbox. my home is clean.

i feel like myself again.

i just have to put in a word here for my dentist office. i have never experienced quality care like i found there.