Sunday, August 24, 2008 

i can be handy, mending a fuse

the life of sh-n atm:

1) she has worked every day for nine days. a lot.
2) she somehow managed to make time to go to campus and fight the system despite the crazy work schedule
3) she got tipsy with case while they solved the world's problems
4) she waged a battle against a colony of fruit flies (the war is still on)
5) she argued with her brother about the spelling of the word "hiney" -- mom and wikipedia are on her side (but we all know it is impossible to win an argument with said sibling. it is a fruitless endeavor.)
6) her "pragmatism: a reader" is missing the first signature -- that means she has NO FRONT MATTER. how can she savor this book properly? is she merely addicted to copyright pages, or does she just hate the fact that when she opens the book she is greeted by page xxxiii?
7) she has anticipated the return of d-n
8) she has almost recovered from mono, which she got from her ten-year-old, who got it at camp
9) class begins tuesday!! dan returns tuesday!! what could be better than american pragmatism and love all in one day?
10) she is listening to "when i'm sixty-four"