Thursday, March 15, 2007 

march update

i'm sitting at avalon salon (snider plaza). yes, they have wifi. hallellujah!

last night i saw andrew bird, along with the cold war kids. hfs. incredible show.

still waiting to hear from perkins. on "spring break," as my beloved family is spending the week in paradise. my kids are probably snorkeling and seashell-hunting, eating amazing food and enjoying the glory that is a week without homework.

there is much afoot. among other things, i'm planning a trip to florida, learning three catholic hymns, mourning the death of aunt ruth, anticipating grad school, mourning the loss of baudrillard, cooking some incredible concoctions that involve portobello, hosting sunday brunches, and feeling oddly at peace in the maelstrom of drama that insists on swirling around the life that i share with others.



my colorist will be here soon.