Monday, August 28, 2006 


recipe site has been updated with specifics on saturday's feast.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 

last night...

the fiddle player says to me "you have derrida on your arm!"

i want to say something like "yes, and i have a sketch of foucault's panopticon tattooed on my ass" -- but i am not that cool.

instead, i bask in the simple joy of the moment before taking another bite out of my fried pickle (do not knock it until you have tried it) and quizzing him about his encounters with continental thought.

i should have made him define differance... that could be a pretty cool addition to the pamphlet's appendix.

god. why am i not in grad school?

Monday, August 14, 2006 


i know little french, but this is one of my favorite sentences.

i prefer spivak's translation:

there is nothing outside of the text

it is summer in austin, temperatures topping 100 daily. when not in business wear my torso is often frequented by tank tops with skinny straps.

this provokes questions from strangers about the "differance" scripted on my arm.

i am working on a pamphlet to hand out. for now it has been sufficient for me to say "it's neither a word nor a concept" as the inquisitive human being's eyes glaze over. on few occasions someone who encountered derrida in philosophy or literary theory (or, heavens! theology) recognizes the (non?)signifier inked on my arm (i am a self-deconstructing text) and there is a moment of solidarity.

there is more to say, but my time-for-$ exchange demands that i publish post (my lunch break is nearing that which is known as "over"). i can't particularly complain, as i really love the new project that i've been given.

perhaps i will publish my pamphlet once it's been created. it reminds me of the one bran created when he, stace and i all lived in a box in dallas in what one could begin to reference as "several years ago."

speaking of,

here's to the summer of 2000: taos and buehring-mcgee-caughey's summer of homemaking: hamburger helper (we all cringe now, yes), the beer fridge protected by ewan mcgregor, artichoke parties, revelry at irish bars on lower greenville, daves fargo, michigan and pretentious, bagels and salad dressing, stars and mountain tops and archaeology, writing and speaking and swimming, the aquarium, sparky, the eels and the dead guy -- and the young hispanic men downstairs who taught us the significance of a dime.

here's to differance, veins!, deconstruction and the impossible.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 


maybe all i need is a shot in the arm


penguins and alligators

... at least we didn't have to deal with the alligators...


Tuesday, August 08, 2006 

... overheard...

this morning, as i stood in line waiting for caffeination, i heard a woman say

i want my life to be like "sex in the city." i want a core group of girlfriends.

i have to admit that i watched a portion of a rerun last night while waiting for my key lime pie to firm.

i do not want my life to be like "sex in the city."

and alexis, if you are reading this: i am not miranda!!

i always think it odd when people try to align themselves and others with sitcom characters. it amazes me that these pieces of culture have such a formative effect on our thinking. i'm not a character on the cosby show, or 90210... dawson's creek or lost or friends. it's fun, i guess, to imagine how one would fit into the created worlds of drama and scripted happenstance.

but you are not going to find insight into yourself by comparing yourself to or imagining that you are a television sitcom character.

that said, i wish i had been veronica mars in high school. if only i had had mature screenwriters scripting my life in that era....

Monday, August 07, 2006 

Apocalypse Soon?

CNN has featured two recent segments on whether the current Middle East violence signifies the Rapture is nigh link

via salon