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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 

I think they're gonna make you start over/You don't want to start over/Put your backpack on your shoulder/Be the good little soldier

i like to intentionally misinterpret songs (it helps if you steal only a stanza or two).

tell a story, throw in a little context and any string of words can seem relevant.

this has little to do with the following, but i had the time and figured i'd bother to type it out.


when i started blogging a few years i vowed to avoid speaking in veiled terms about specific people and occurrences. for me a blog was not a place to vent, but rather a space for storytelling. as justin canada put it, "what i did today and what i thought today." i inadvertently hurt many people in my family on sdt by speaking about the life i live with them. i never intended for them to read my deep musings, the language i utilized to speak about the discomfort that was coupled with intense love for the community from which i sprung.

what stimulated this thought other than the space of time offered while i wait for the dishwasher and washing machine to cycle?

it's a very honest, raw, difficult post by ms. armstrong. my religious heritage certainly does not involve polygamy, but it does have an essentialist quality that i cannot respect. i, like heather, spent the majority of my life believing a certain set of first principles, idolizing a certain text, worshipping an invisible sky king.

she writes about her family with humor and love; she manages to wring something beautiful out of circumstances that were incredibly painful and continue to be difficult.

i hope that i have managed to do the same. my irreverence does not equal disrespect for my family. i love them so hard it hurts. my hope is that they will come to respect the life that i live.

Shan, I love you still. One day you will remember that Mom prayed for your soul. Please dear God, not before it's too late.

lym, your loving mamala

I love you still! Shan, it is my deepest, heart-felt desire that you will, one day, come to appreciate my prayers for you. Please, dear God, not before it is too late. lym, your loving Mamala

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