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Thursday, November 02, 2006 

the grateful commuter

yes, that is correct. ms. caughey has joined the ranks of the officially employed.

too bad i don't have bandwidth in my car, though i can see the wisdom in actually focusing on the road even when you can measure your inches per hour....


i'm too busy to participate in nanowrimo this year (and honestly, i can't say that i ever made the goal. i did start a novel last year, but i think i lost it when my last computer died). i am going to sign up though. it's a good way to track progress by word count, and my manifesto needs some attention.

also coming up: thoughts on the emergent gathering.

but first i have to put on some eyeliner and a business suit and get myself to the new office.

there is hope on this cold november morning.

WOO HOO! A job is a good thing...OK, I know it's also a bit of a pain, but paying bills is a good thing. So are you happy with it? Is it one you wanted?

I'm going slowly crazy over here in dear old NM...between school, work and trying to get moved in to the new house, it's a bit crazed. But I am now living for that month-long break between classes...that will be heaven!

So glad to see the Gathering pix up at flickr. I need to get my Halloween party pix up! I'll send you the link--my costume was hilarious!

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