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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

beat up and battered around....

i'm ashamed to say that it's been a while since i've purchased a cd. long enough to forget the simple joy of anticipation as you drive home, tearing off the packaging with one hand while steering and shifting somehow with the other, coming home and sliding it in, cranking it to eleven and looking at the album art while you take it in.

i like listening to music as an activity. that said,

crap. i missed jenny lewis with the watson twins at the dma. they cover a traveling wilburys song.



this makes me want to pick up my guitar.

there is memory, and there is a kind of feeling that a certain era of one's life has. i can remember the time when i was prolific, when i wrote songs and learned and created chord progressions. coupled voice with strings.

but i haven't felt that particular _______, that inspiration coupled with several things that lack words in quite this way in some time.

i feel half-crazy this evening, like anything is possible. perhaps i'll become a chef. a backup singer. a free-verse poet. a theologian. an author. a salsa dancer. a yoga instructor.

maybe i can fold all of those into one lifetime.