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Saturday, November 04, 2006 

saturday morning in oak cliff

why on earth has some genius just not bothered to re-engineer the remote control: particularly the tiny removable piece of plastic that keeps the batteries in place? everyone i know has a clicker that is 1. scotch tape closed 2. backless.

we need something that works off kinetic energy. maybe something like that flashlight that works when you shake it.


i'm dog/housesitting this weekend. it's a little crazy, as i started the new job and still have my babysitting obligations *and* i'm making santa fe tacos for my mom tonight to belatedly celebrate her birthday. it is appropriate to honor the birth of the woman who is responsible for passing down the genes that make you look a near-decade younger than you actually are. seriously, folks: mom looks amazing. and seriously, folks: one of my new co-workers thought i was 19. 19!

that's just plain crazy. but i'll take it.

What part of Oak Cliff do you live in?

i was actually house-sitting. i've got some friends who live near montclair.

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