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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 

every move is more than putting things in boxes.

this might just be the most difficult move; in the midst of anticipation, of the simple joys of settling into a new home (and a beautiful space at that), there is a deep sense of loss.

of losing that elusive thing we refer to as home.

the cats can't come with me.
the condo feels like it's been hollowed out, like i've hollowed it --me-- out.
the family's old house has been sold; a new family is moving in.

and i buy dishes and we settle into new rhythms. classes start in about a month.

the pain washes in with the gentle rhythms that remind you that life consists of change. that embedded somewhere in all of this are some crucial things: growth. the gift.

and hey, glory be: i have the internet again.

welcome to the new normal.

Blessings on and in and through your new space, Friend!

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