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Sunday, November 11, 2007 

this is my story. this is my song.

they just had to play "blessed assurance"* on a prairie home companion this week. my eyes are not dry.

that was one of my favorites. there was always a dramatic pause before we joined in the lilt of the chorus. this hymn always seemed to suspend us in a delicate moment, so beautiful and reverent.

yeah, shan's having church this morning (which can be distracting when one is trying to write a paper).


one thing i love about chapel at smu is the opportunity to experience different worship practices (and they keep the sermons short. they do not, however, tend to select organ solos for the end of the service that are anything approaching brief!). a few of us are conspiring to hold an emergent chapel service. perhaps i should head up a pentecostal service -- i know of several peers (and professors!) who would love to participate. i don't think my hymns are in the methodist hymnal....

just some thoughts.

*as a child this was only second to "it's beginning to rain"