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Saturday, November 17, 2007 

you know somehow that you made the correct course choice for the coming semester when your future professor finishes an email with "have a righteous day."

i had a glorious long conversation with dr. walker, who is a hartshorne scholar. among many things, one topic that came up is his idea for a children's book on process theology. yeah. take a moment to digest that one!

in other news: about every music selection brings me to a bad place this saturday evening. that leaves me with sparklehorse. even that one brings me memories of cleaning the condo before kaus and em moved in --- but it isn't music that i lived in for a distinct period of time.

it does capture the gentle sorrow that roughens up my first day off in some time.

i think that's enough info for now. i'm going out tonight, and i'm wearing eyeliner.

we still have dinner to make happen...

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