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Thursday, March 20, 2008 



you can't be everything.

i'm grateful that, while i cannot be a poet or lyricist (as philosophy and the culinary arts occupy my creative attention, so much so that my sewing machine seems to leer at me from its cubby in the guest closet), i can take a moment to appreciate the words that others string together so eloquently.

i logged onto blogger with the intention of communicating something profound about language, both spoken and written. but i'm supposed to be writing right now, because in the past 24 hours i've had about 5 hours of incredible dialogue with some beloved, brilliant friends.

should a manifesto have a thesis, albeit a working thesis in process? because i'm on the verge of one, folks.

time for shan to spend an hour sussing out her understanding of the phaedrus, differance, continuums, meaning, ethics, creation, etc.

this post is rather all over the place, but i'll go ahead and publish in honor of the no backspace rule.