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Saturday, July 26, 2008 

i have this strange feeling that my blog is going to be peppered with stories of how amazing my family is for a while. (i might just talk a lot about cars as well.)

go see karl's work in special effects on The Mummy 3. i am so cheering when his name appears in the credits.

karl just spent a week or so in texas; he took HAL on a series of adventures between Dallas and Houston while i borrowed a car from theyblinked. i was incredibly grateful for the loan but i have to tell you: this afternoon i experienced pure joy when i slid behind the wheel of my hybrid. it's not just the gas mileage, folks: i love everything about this car. i could write odes to third gear, deliver accolades in regard to the clutch....

it just feels right.


watch out for this generation of caugheys and jarrells. you've got a plentitude of raw talent with a good dose of gumption on your hands. we are scientists, musicians, editors, politicians, philosophers, filmmakers, businessfolk... we are black belts in the many things that we specialize in.

and we know how to make a mean cup of coffee.