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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

Sailing Gypsies

the 10-year-old demands stories.

they must be entertaining and they must be true -- she has heard everything from cinder midnight caughey's adventure with the family cat to stories of mom and uncle bobby milking their cow before breakfast.

she is fascinated by my family and requests stories about specific people. she wants to fly in uncle chuck's plane; she wants to go to one of justin's shows; she desperately wants to meet my sister; she's asked to see The Mummy 3 so that she can see Karl's name in the credits....

all that said, i do have a crazy large family. it's relatively easy to get confused... i was telling stories about sailing with the caughey uncles yesterday and A expressed the desire to meet them. i assured her that that could take place one day, and she responded with this: "Does this mean I get to meet the gypsy!?!"

Not only does she have the wrong side of the family: she was sitting right next to one.