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Sunday, June 22, 2008 

update and such

feeling a little off today. i'm blaming the fact that i awoke with a tummyache not on the baba ghanoush but rather on the fact that tom waits is playing tomorrow.

tom waits is playing tomorrow and i am NOT going to be there.

whenever i use my time machine to visit shanna of the past i am going to leave out this detail. shanna circa '99 or '01 might just attempt to seriously maim a future shanna who admits that she would not shell out a hundred bucks to see the gravel-voiced genius.*


i miss the curious energy that my 15-year-old cousin brought to my home this past week. he stayed for a generous handful of days. we made pizza from scratch, watched heroes, visited smu, and played tennis. we also shared long discussions about life, the universe, and everything over belgian-style waffles and omelettes.

my sister surprised the family with a father's day visit.

i spent several hours making ravioli.

i made some new friends.

i caught up with some old ones.

today i get out the sewing machine and turn the guest room from a cozy pink-clad blah into something a little more interesting. here come golds, blues and greens!! the sheets are already in the washing machine with some RIT dye.

oh, and "because of recently enacted federal legislation, financial aid awarding for 2008-09 has been delayed." that gives one a great feeling with the fall semester soon coming. thanks, government. (i will rescind my sarcastic comment if this means more money for shan.)

*one of my favorite fantasies involves using a time machine to visit earlier versions of myself. let the scientists figure out the time-space continuum stuff -- i just want my machine! brandon used to write comic strips in which we went back to visit our favorite philosophers together. 

sartre was kind of an ass, but it was still a good adventure.