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Saturday, April 22, 2006 

last night was inspiring.

there is something great about seeing one's friends create, seeing them succeed.

the first stop was the magnolia theater. yep: my friend david is a bonafide successful comic book writer. his wife, melissa, just got accepted into a local roller derby league (she might be small but i guarantee you that she'll be a mean powerhouse of a player).

our friend sjs arranged the event. there was cheese.

we soon departed for the meridian room (no big surprise there) where we dined on jalapeno hummus and sweet potato fries with friends (and consumed mojitoes that contained one tiny fragment of mint leaf. note to self: never order a mojito when the bar is busy), then headed to the shithole next door where once a bartender attempted to kill dan with gin (but that's a different story). our friend paul (who is married to sjs -- we're all connected!) and his band played. and then the tah-dah's played. we consumed beer and saw many people, spoke and reconnected with lots of friends.

i have the pleasure of being acquainted with people who create things, people who play bass and write, people who arrange events and write press releases, moms who train for the roller derby.


in other news, i just saw this, a book i worked on that features the talented mr. hopkins. it's worth the cover price just to read his essay