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Saturday, June 03, 2006 

and then came june

may blew by, a sort of nebulous series of moments in pace with time, travels and joyous occasions, spaghetti and friends and family... and then a decision.

i took a job. on the 12th i will be editing for an imprint of Harcourt based in austin.

there's a lot to do between now and friday, when i pull up a couple of roots and transfer them 200 miles south. the cats are coming with me.

jack will hopefully be in a lovely new home with a backyard and children.

change is afoot!

anyone feel like dinner and mojitos at the meridian room on tuesday?


my cousin courtney's ceremony was beautiful. i forget that i cry at these things... i feel so honored to have been among those who came to celebrate the ten years they have been together and the promise of those to come.

i have many many pictures to post once i get my technology issues settled. for now, here is one taken a while back:

the lovely woman on the left has been a great influence on my life. she also has very shiny hair.

she's not asian... she's my sister.