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Sunday, June 25, 2006 

words i never thought i'd utter....

i miss dallas

it was home for nearly nine years.

i used to complain in a properly hip(ster) fashion about how interconnected and at times incestuous it was... but i miss going to regular haunts (shit, i miss having regular haunts) and running into someone i know.

this weekend has been calm and restorative, if that's a word one can apply to a segment of time that a human being experiences. i've made several loaves of ciabatta. stayed up late writing letters and reading rorty. watched the sopranos and listened to a ceaseless loop of andrew bird.

a couple of the loaves i made this weekend came out... oddly shaped. it reminded me a bit of melissa's poem on androgny and that creative endeavour known as writing: the pen(is} mightier than the sword.

on the whole things are going well. yesterday was tempered by a simple joy; it reminded me of how i felt back when i first started blogging on sdt. i enjoyed driving to and from work. i was productive as hell.

looking forward to the coming weekend with family and loved ones.

so have you been able to make contact with any of our austin friends yet?


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