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Thursday, June 15, 2006 

sailboats and scorpion tales

i am once again occupying the same space as scorpions, which means i spend a lot more time looking at the floor than usual, i shake out my clothes before dressing and turn on lights at night before walking across my little apartment.

i fear that my lifelong boasts of being the only caughey (richard hugh I branch) never "gotten" will literally come back to sting me.

as i've said before on sdt -- a scorpion is the only bug i'll kill (i'd kill roaches but it's so much easier and cleaner to chase them outside). for some reason they are fond of the pool; jim scoops out at least one per morning. he flings them onto the beautifully green lawn, which makes me think twice before walking barefoot to see the fish in the pond/fountain. the backyard here is gorgeous and peaceful. a baby deer and her mama come for a drink of water each morning around six-thirty.


yesterday i drove about 20 miles west on 620 to my uncle pat's and my good sweet lord the drive was stunning. i spent several hours sailing (if by sailing you mean sitting around, talking and drinking beer) with uncles pat and mike, honorary aunt mary and cousin jus. i did get to steer the boat (which is a little like flying a plane for reasons too complicated to explain just now) and pull some cords at pat's direction and learned to tie a really nifty knot.

i also saw hippie hollow for the first time.


all in all a very full, lovely day. it started out with conversation w/ sue around 6:30 (the deer made an appearance), was punctuated with an inane attempt by bush to convince us that all is well in iraq, and ended with a long conversation with my best friend before snuggling the kitties and succumbing to sunburned slumber.

the kitties are hungry. here's to a great thursday, the possibility of what lies before us.