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Sunday, November 05, 2006 


i don't particularly think there's a certain order to the universe, that things happen for a reason, etc.

of course, i have to admit that there's really no way to know. i'm just sharing my gut feeling.


i'm in a pretty strange place -- that's no secret. a year ago i was living on velasco, i was housetraining my puppy, and making fires in the chiminea on my front porch. (<--- note the serial comma. those suckers are insidious. such is the scourge of working in chicago style proper.) one evening a young gentleman stopped by to share a bottle of wine next to the crackle of fire (actually, he really came to ignite something with leah*). said gentleman had given me a cd of calexico to listen to, which i promptly lost in the mess that was currently the interior of my car.

when i finally unearthed the cd, i was disappointed to find that the files were corrupt. no calexico for shan.

*hey, come to think of it: that's two friends i've helped hook up with leahs. i should start charging for my services.


about a year later i find myself watching a dog who is already trained. i live on a street other than velasco -- in fact, i've moved three times in the past year. i'm starting to understand bethy's aversion to moving (although i do spring for movers these days).

my friend does not have a television, so i can't immerse myself in an episode of buffy or suck away the little free time i have with xbox.

so last night i put a cd in the player, poured a glass of wine, and settled in on the red couch with a happy pavlov at my feet. voila! calexico!

so sooo good. it feels healing in ways that don't merit words.

it was worth the wait.

Sweet. I'm stoked my TV-less home inspired some musical journeying.

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