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Monday, August 20, 2007 

on the verge, the eve of something great

answering the question of why i'm pursuing a masters in theology at orientation was like trying to explain my tattoo at a bar.

some might think that a more appropriate course of study for me would be philosophy. i can understand that assessment. that said, one cannot discount contingencies both personal and social in regard to theology (and some contingencies such as location, vocation, community, etc.)

i feel hopeful. a little saucy. that tinge of anticipation that punctuated so many moments in the loft, the week a book hit the shelves, the first day at a job... i near feel like doing the caughey man dance to wilco with abandon.

i feel like myself again.

all i need is something to look forward to.

come talk to me in a month when i'm struggling with greek.

i can't wait, but i'm enjoying the simplicity of the unknown that crafts my solitary night in the villa. it's time to put on a cd. time to feed the fish. time to pour a glass of wine and take a bath.

things are good, folks.

class. tomorrow.