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Saturday, December 01, 2007 

saturday morning, roughly around 6:30AM

okay: the study session did devolve into a discussion about the meaning of life.

but it was a good one. only three beers were consumed among the participants. and hey, i think we're ready for the exam.

in other news, check out rlp's latest. that's humbling.

also, i want a cayote and an orange cat.


it's the first day of december. very soon i will be visiting berkley (and many caugheys).

thanksgiving was quiet, calm, and glorious.

in just a few days i shall be free of this semester's stresses. december is a month of freedom before i plunge into new coursework (yes, i can't wait to purchase my books for january and spring terms)... i'm going to sit and talk with loved ones. read rorty. listen to good music, take long contemplative walks. sing. recalibrate (or "defrag," as aunt jac says).

i'm going to sit in my gold chair and devour the stack of books that have been neglected in favor of process theology and systematics, the gospel of john, etc.

here's to december.