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Saturday, April 26, 2008 

thanks a lot, smu. the emperor may hand over his crown, but he shall reign over my little corner of dallas.

or, i cannot believe you bastard bitches.

make way for the fracking bush library. it's going to eventually take out much more than a shopping strip. you are ripping out the sacred spaces where conversations have taken place over meals, where prescriptions have been purchased, where the glory of tomato basil soup was first discovered.

talk about shock and awe.

can't you just occupy the empty buildings across the street, the ms. baird's factory, liquor stores, the segway store that all failed? why not go ahead and take out the 7/11*?

leave us our soup and sourdough bread. our bookstore. our pharmacy. our roly poly sandwiches and bad chinese food.

bastard bitches.

*incidentally, my grandfather built the canopy above the gas pumps when i was a first-year student some moons ago.

thanks for the link, theyblinked