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Saturday, September 27, 2008 

"i have a bracelet too!"

last night's debate was underwhelming... actually, it was downright boring.

i hope that obama will ease back into his dynamic personality rather than this stilted performance that i assume is the result of poor advice.

that said, the experience of watching it with mr. hughes over sandwiches and tequila was exceptional. it is hard to believe that four years ago i was having debate-watching parties at the loft and registering people to vote outside the meridian room. if blogger will ever restore selfdeconstructingtext i'll link to the posts with pictures from that era. four years ago today i was enjoying a mojito while fair-goers filled out my little registration cards... today i am sitting in a mansion and preparing to write a paper on the early american pragmatists. i do wonder what uncle walt would think of all of this....