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Monday, September 15, 2008 

one of my homes just got slammed into piles of debris and masses of water (and bodies). it is not just the structures that i frequented, the spaces i inhabited: an entire place is just... gone.

my cousin court was married there.
my cousin karl spent the summer after his freshman year of college there.
actually, my cousins karl and kel spent summers and years there.
my aunts and uncles and pets were raised there.
i've spent time there every single year that i have been alive.

my grandparents are buried there.

now their former home is buried there, as is uncle john's, uncle mike's, along with all of the places that have given me memories: places with silly names like key lime pi, the dancing mermaid, life's a beach....

what will be the shape of things to come? will the rebuild the ferry structure? what will happen to swede's?

an entire community just got obliterated, and we don't even have a death toll yet.

my favorite place in the world now looks like this:

i love you, babe. i'm sorry about this. i'm so glad your family is safe, though.

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