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Saturday, August 25, 2007 

bright saturday

the first week of class was glorious. i already have an incredible amount of homework.

i love it.

i have to work in about an hour. just now my 9 year-old called from next door. "shan! what do i need to do this morning?"

"um, get dressed and make your bed?"



hal is fixed. my cats are doing well at UM's place in houston. i'm organized. i know the greek alphabet. my fish are content (have you ever seen one who is not?)

i'm in a choir! i didn't even have to become a gay man (please forgive the reference to a private joke -- at one point leah and i wanted to join a choir and the only open one we could find was for gay men uptown.) we rehearse and sing in what is quite possibly the most aurally-pleasing space i have occupied.

check these guys out:




in the midst of sorrow, i am reminded how life can be good.

i've been missing papa acutely. i wish he was around; we could discuss what i've been reading/learning. while sitting in chapel between two baritones (who know how to harmonize!) i am shaken, stirred by the memory of singing next to him in church. he's been in my dreams lately: feeding goats, giving me driving lessons (yep: i'm 14 again in pantyhose and a daisy-pattern church dress, pressing the gas with my right foot (clad in a white flat) in the old red and white ford truck,) and the oranges, all the oranges he peeled for me that we would share in the evenings, the living room lit by the news on the television.


i think that's it for now. time to dress, load the dishwasher and head to work. my kids made their own sims and they are eager to force them to socialize and do chores.