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Friday, December 07, 2007 

everyone keeps asking me what i'm doing with my time this month.

short answer? enjoying the space to breathe.

listening to the new andrew bird. going out for drinks with a friend. working. singing. planning to cook. going to a fifth grader's band concert. reading the news. studying for the GRE. trying to learn german. itching to get the sewing machine out (i haven't touched it since i moved). wishing i had more money to buy gifts. long baths. lentil soup. did i mention work?

the first time i got a root canal the very expensive and sexy specialist asked me what i liked to do. i rattled off the list and he was taken aback. he told me that no one really ever has an answer to that question, other than that they watch television.


i'm getting over my snobbery in regard to TV. i watch TV, but i watch it on DVD. with the exception, of course, of cooking shows.


it's early december and there are currently five tomatoes ripening on my plant. the high today is 80. i'd complain, but i'm more interested in reading on the veranda in my bikini.

life is bisa. hope is present.