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Monday, December 10, 2007 

on ketchup and gasoline

i must have slipped into an alternate reality yesterday. after waking to a wintry morning, i attempted to purchase gas at the local 7-11. they were out, so i bought a bottle of fiji water and a banana. hey: if i'm going to run out of gas on the way to texaco i'm going to need supplies. (the hybrid, thankfully, held up, preventing me from being stranded on forest lane.)

later in the day shan, lazy american that she is, went through the drive thru at burger king to get a veggie burger. AFTER the poor underpaid worker took my cash she informed me that they were out of ketchup.

out of ketchup? how on earth does that happen?

i must be everyone's least favorite customer because for both incidents i asked with an incredulous voice, "why don't you put up a sign?"