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Friday, April 18, 2008 

which is the passion and which is the hobby?

the other night i was energetically telling my friend about the successful orzo-stuffed peppers experiment, which sparked an inspired exchange of recipe ideas.

this particular friend is my compatriot at perkins, where we share a keen interest in process theology (we spend the hours between class and work figuring out life, the universe, and everything).

upon witnessing what is unabashedly a foodie exchange, our companions found themselves contemplating the priorities of casey and shan. we protested when they implied that theology/philosophy was a hobby and the art of cooking? a passion.

now. this seems a little silly to give much thought, but i've had a bit of a rough week. a moment of navel-gazing before i head to work at 6AM seems appropriate. many, including my gran, have urged me to go to cooking school.

the thing is: i want to keep my love affair with the creative exchange between myself and vegetarian cuisine just that. i don't want it to become a job. the hours i spend in the kitchen are meditative, creative, glorious. (i still do call my cousin who is a chef on occasion when i need some advice. he still has yet to give me a recipe that involves saffron!)

i had the great fortune of pursuing an incredible career as an editor. i know it sounds crazy, but i'm in the process of pursuing a career in philosophy. that is the passion (and you know it, dan).

all of that said, my first thought this morning? i really should get some ghee.*

*does anyone actually know where to find ghee? i tried clarifying butter myself but that was about as successful as separating curds and whey. does anyone else wish that giada had an everyday indian or everyday vegetarian or everyday thai show?

you buy ghee at the indian grocery. it comes in a jar. local company. it's expensive, like $7 for a jar. worth it though. making it on your own SUCKS!

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