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Monday, July 28, 2008 

i have a feeling that Suze Restaurant is going to get a lot of attention tomorrow.

it is literally a block away from my employers' old home. i used to walk with the kids to the starbucks on that corner...

and for the record, I think Lisa Garza should have won The Next Food Network Star. the network has plenty of home-style cooking. Aaron is likeable like crazy, but she is the one who brought something unique that i think they could use.

and yes, you can all laugh now because i got suckered into a reality show.

yes i did.

I totally agree! I can't wait to try Suze. Although seeing as I've just lost my job, it may have to wait:) I thought she was the best, strategically, for them, too. I also liked Amy from last season, because she had a similar theme to her. Lisa was clearly the right choice. Would have been nice to bring a FN crew to Dallas. I would have loved to work that show! Alas.

(From Janie)

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