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Tuesday, September 09, 2008 

is it possible that a few years can make such a cultural difference? or is it just that my peers have been living in a cultural vacuum for, um, ever?

during the break today, the eight folks who are studying american pragmatism (all of whom, save yours truly, are teaching undergrad courses at the moment) found themselves engaged in what can hardly be called a conversation about hipsters.

yes. hipsters.

the one "expert" on the subject started to spew some snotty words about hipsters and i expected the usual... but lo and behold!! said individual actually had no idea what a hipster is! her closest definition involved new yorkers who wear neon-colored hats and "stupid clothing."

it is interesting to note that this individual was also sporting a t-shirt with an ironic pepsi slogan that she purchased at urban outfitters.


i'm really less making fun of her than sitting here in bewilderment.

how is this possible?