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Wednesday, August 29, 2007 

my good sweet lord, greek is difficult already. i'm not even at kindergarten level -- i'm basically a 1-year-old who has a vocabulary of "no" and "and" and "logos." baby steps, no?

my kids had a great first day of school. my kitchen is clean. i made tacos around 9:30 last night. i awoke today at fifteen till five; i've been studying greek and have not even read the news as is my morning custom, though i did catch a bit on npr.

and hey: it's 6:14AM and i have managed to water the plants, study greek, wipe down the counters, and prepare for a day of work. what have you done?

discount tire: please do not let me down. i need a new tire and alignment and i would like to not spend the very little $ that i currently have. amen.


i miss bran, and sue, and jus(x2) and jill, and ber and berk. cinder and auggie are lovely pets, and it's fascinating to watch them as they do certainly have different personalities, but fish aren't cats. i realize that that last statement is a fairly obvious one.

this is the life i have chosen. academic rigor. fish. children and a dog. growth.

cats live a long time. perhaps we may reunite after i finish this degree. the future is wide open, and while there are certainly outside forces, much depends on my decisions.

i think i've done a good job so far.