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Thursday, December 13, 2007 

the amateur chef is at work...

i have spent a glorious day in the kitchen. i'm a little out of control -- must have been all those months without cooking.

i just made candied walnuts for what i hope will be a glorious creamy blackberry dessert.

that's right. i just made candied walnuts. i tried just one and i don't know that i will be coming down from the sugar rush any time soon. i also made the following: pesto, the sauce for friday's pasta, and ciabatta starter. it's time to make my famous hummus, clean up and head to work.

my home is filled with the aromas of roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs, sugar, toasted nuts... it's not a bad mix. this weekend my friends are in for a treat.

and then i get to cook for family.