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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 


thus far we're looking at ~14 for brunch. (rsvp you crazy people!)

this weekend jus came up to play a gig. kelly walked through my front door and stared at the ironing board that currently holds my recent creation. why do you have a stole???.

relax. it's not for me. i made it for one of my friends who is sort of a pastor. once i find my camera i'll put up a picture. my approach to sewing is much like my approach to cooking (hell, i can't even follow a recipe) but this came out well.

some thoughts:

i'm still sick. this cold has lasted nine days.
kelly and i do not know how to two-step. i blame her for wearing high heels.
mex-mex food is not good.
i start class and turn 29 this week.
i have two weddings coming up. it is time for some bikram yoga if i'm going to fit into those dresses.
i'm extremely fortunate to be living at the villa.
once is an extraordinary film.

off to work....