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Monday, September 10, 2007 

for the first time i really love the villa. perhaps it's the result of the aftermath of todays rain, or last night's delicious dinner (vegetable skewers, foccacia).

today i have the windows open, allowing light and cool air, the sound of steady patter of water on pavement to enter.

i'm reading matthew. drinking tea from my favorite mug.

but beringer is missing (since wednesday). i don't care how you spin it -- it's just not okay. but what is these days? pessimistic much, shan?

listening to waltzing alone by the guggenheim grotto. it's one of those albums that you have to 1. be in the right mood for and 2. give a few listens so that it can grow on you.


today i'm thankful for alexis and michael turner for accompanying me to an iraq war protest some years ago. and to jen spillane for being a lovely, inspiring roommate for two years. and to a gentleman at john eagle honda for doing all in his power to help me get my car fixed.

off to work,